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What is the EKCL Treatment?

Medicine is always evolving. This is largely to do with the growing demand and impetus from people looking for innovative ways to maintain their health – forms of treatment that fit around their way of living. This is a demand traditional medicine cannot handle by itself. We need alternatives. 




At EKCL, we provide this alternative. We are a forward-thinking and flexible company, committed to delivering life-changing solutions. We specialise in treating a range of conditions; from smoking addiction to obesity, insomnia, stress and anxiety. In partnership with two renowned providers in this industry, Antismoking Service and Reality 2000, we provide a quick and efficient form of treatment with lasting changes.

All of our treatments are founded upon one particular technique: Elektromeridian Kobra. This methodology uses the principle of reflexology and auriculotherapy, by stimulating through a focussed spherical shape. Through computerised electronic equipment, our therapy stimulates certain parts of the body and increases the production of endorphins. Endorphins are a chemical produced by our brain that relieve our body of stress and pain.

For all of the conditions we treat, Elektromeridian Kobra is a scientifically approved legitimate solution. We are here to ease the pressure on traditional forms of medicine and offer a modern option that puts you in control. 


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