Obesity Treatment

Obesity can be a demoralising disorder. It is also incredibly lonely and poses a number of psychological barriers that stop people from seeking the help they so desperately need.

Our micro-stimulation technology is simple, easy to understand and you’re guided through the process every step of the way. Call us today and experience this life-changing treatment. Lose weight and get back in control of your life.

We believe it’s best to carry out obesity treatment naturally. That’s why we’ve partnered with Reality 2000 – an innovative treatment plan based on electrostimulation. It’s scientifically approved and endorsed by medical experts. We are also backed by an extensive range of glowing testimonials, which showcase the success of our unique product. 

We target the genetic element of obesity. We always encourage all of our clients to exercise and eat well — these will always enhance the EKCL process. What makes our treatment unique, however, is its speed and effectiveness. It is weight loss designed for those who don’t have the time or motivation to incorporate a long-term plan. For those who need a quick, effective and easy fix, EKCL treatment is the ideal weight loss plan.

You can feel confident in using us at EKCL, as we are always looking to develop our product and make it an even better service for clients. Throughout the process, we put you at the heart of everything we do.

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We want to help people struggling with their weight. Our technology, Elektromeridian Kobra is a unique type of therapy which targets particular areas of the body that are stressed in various ways. Before we commence with treatment, we like to gather all of the necessary data on our clients. This is through a questionnaire and some one-to-one discussions about your struggles with weight. We find out key information about your age, weight, height, sex and your rate of average daily exercise.

 This information is then processed and stored on one of our computers. Using this data, the equipment assesses the information, recommends an ideal weight and the suitable BMI. At this point we can begin treatment. The micro-stimulation process targets specific body areas by releasing endorphins. 

Cells can not be eliminated as they are indispensable. But they can be intervened. Our treatment stops these cells from becoming hypertrophic, which prevents them from increasing their volume.

During the process, the parts of the body we target are the front of the neck, back, belly, right arm, and left ankle. The recommended number of sessions is twenty. Of course, this may vary depending on your responsiveness to the treatment. 

 If you think you have an eating disorder or suffer from obesity, give us a call today. We’ll help you make life-changing improvements to your life. You’ll be able to resist the urge of cravings, snacking and eating when you’re bored. It is a modern way to treat obesity. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Obesity Treatment London

What it looks like

Obesity Treatment London

Why EKCL....


We are here to support you every step of the way. Dealing with obesity can be a lonely process, which is why we provide total support throughout your programme. We’ll offer advice and discuss the important next steps required after we finish treatment.


We are scientifically approved and endorsed by an extensive list of glowing testimonials. We are specialists in helping people turn their lives around.


We provide treatment plans that work for you and your specific needs. Our Reality2000 services are tailored to suit you and your weight struggles. We offer a flexible monthly payment plan, which makes payment easier.


At EKCL, we believe modern day medicine should be mobile. That’s why we deliver treatments to your door; confidentially at times that work for you. It is treatment that takes into consideration the psychological barriers associated with losing weight. People want quick and easy solutions; convenient, private and secure.

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    Other areas to consider:

    As a natural solution to obesity, we feel it’s important to recommend other ways to stay healthy naturally. This includes things like eating the right foods and dieting. It must be said, however, that these are all general suggestions. Discussions between us and clients regarding exercise and diets should never be interpreted as medical or expert suggestions. Our expertise is Elektromeridian Kobra, and so all other lifestyle changes should be recommended and fully permitted by clients’ physicians or GPs.

    Aside from exercising and dieting, there are a number of lifestyle changes that always help the weight loss process. These involve both mental and physical goals, education and a personal commitment to change that takes time. We advise all clients to follow these steps when looking to lose weight. We have tried to include information below, to help guide you on this!


    So what exactly is obesity?

    There are many different definitions out there, but the bottom line is: obesity is when people consume far more calories than they burn. A person defines themselves as obese when their weight exceeds at least 20% for male and 28% for female with the ideal body weight. Some cases of obesity are far more complex and severe than others. Alongside our treatment, the majority can be cured with positive changes to lifestyle.

    Obesity is an incredibly severe issue, which more people are facing each day. There are no unidentifiable symptoms when it comes to obesity – the issue is always clear to see. The major problem with obesity is actually doing something about it. It is a huge lifestyle change; one that takes a lot of effort and dedication. 

    People are also judgemental. Those that try to lose weight are always doing so in fear of being taunted, abused and laughed at. It is a lonely process, and the demoralising element is what stops so many people from taking that first step.

    Obesity Treatment London

    Causes of Obesity

    The most common cause of obesity is eating the wrong stuff. Alongside low levels of exercise, if we rely solely on high calorie foods, we are always going to put weight on. Most of the time, food is the root of the issue. But sometimes, obesity is something which we can’t control. Here are just a few causes:


    Our gene makeup can affect how our bodies process and digest food. For some people, genetics make processing food into energy much harder and fat isn’t stored efficiently.

    Growing Older:

    We all slow down as we get older. It prevents us from exercising as much – if at all – and metabolic rate also gets slower. Together, this makes it much easier to put on weight, which we then struggle to get rid of.


    Lack of Sleep:

    Not enough sleep is bad on a number of fronts. In this case, a lack of sleep leaves us craving the wrong types of food.


    It is much easier for pregnant women to put on weight. It’s, then, also difficult to lose weight after you’ve just had a baby.

    There are also a number of health conditions that often cause people to put on weight: 

    • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (POS)
    • Prader-Willi Syndrome (a rare condition at birth that causes excessive hunger 
    • Cushing Syndrome 
    • Hypothyroidism 
    • Osteoarthritis


    Threat of Obesity

    Obesity is more than just weight gain. It poses a number of potential health-risks; some can have awful outcomes. For a start, the sheer amount of additional body weight obese people have to carry, puts an incredible amount of pressure on our bones and joints. This can lead to conditions like arthritis. Other health risks, include:

    • Heart disease
    • Strokes
    • Cancers (breast, colon, endometrial)
    • Gallbladder disease
    • High blood pressure
    • High cholesterol 
    • Sleep apnoea 
    • Infertility


    Obesity Treatment and Preventions

    There are a number of ways to treat obesity. Some require medication, surgery and pills — others don’t. As a natural treatment centre, we are far more in favour of natural treatment for obesity, and advise against the use of prescription medication. Drugs like phentermine, bupropion, liraglutide (Saxenda) and orlistat are used to either prevent the absorption of fat, or suppress appetite. 

    These types of medication, however, do have a number of potential unpleasant side effects. Obesity is more often than not a disorder that has been brought about naturally – we feel it should be treated naturally too. 

     Overcoming obesity alone is incredibly difficult. Natural methods are tough in their own right, but alongside our treatment, they are the most effective when it comes to losing weight. 

    It must be said, however, that exercising and eating well are easier said than done. For someone with obesity, these are huge lifestyle changes which take time. With our Reality 2000 treatment, we offer a quick and easy solution. It’s effortless, compared to months of working out and numerous diets; it’s ideal for those that lead busy lives and don’t have time to commit to long-term plans.

    It’s designed for people who struggle to take that daunting first step because of the struggle and effort associated with losing weight. Our EKCL treatment is superior when it comes to losing weight efficiently. But we do recommend people struggling with their weight to follow these natural forms of treatment. These will only enhance the process.

    Obesity Treatment London

    Learn About Your Condition:

    The more we understand, the better prepared we are to deal with it. Understanding your own eating disorder, or struggle with obesity, is the first step for treatment. Education inspires us and makes things seem achievable – people are far more likely to feel empowered to do something about their weight loss when they know more about it.

    Be Realistic:

    Set goals and targets within your reach. If you’re looking to lose weight, don’t expect it to disappear in a couple of weeks. It can be a longer process which takes time – your personal goals should reflect this. Start small and build up. Whether that means going for a walk, then gradually building up to a run; or cutting down on sugar slowly, instead of cutting it out altogether.

    Enlist Support:

    It can be a lonely process when you try to lose weight on your own. We encourage all clients to surround themselves with good people, who they can rely on for support throughout the process.

    Identify Food Triggers:

    If you suffer from an eating disorder, it’s likely you’re easily triggered by certain situations or feelings. The most common is boredom. Eating is a way of filling time and occupying ourselves. Next time you’re bored, upset or angry, call a friend and talk to them; instead of turning to food as the solution.


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