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Stress is a common feature of day-to-day life. You’re an incredibly lucky person if you’ve never experienced it. Stress occurs when either our mind or body (if not simultaneously) are placed under pressure and demand. As mentioned, stress is normal. It can take place anywhere: perhaps at work, when you’re just about to make an important speech; a sports field, competing in an intense competition; or maybe a first date, getting worked up over what to wear.

These instances are part and parcel of everyday life. It’s when stress starts to take hold of our lives, that we need to start to worry and do something about it.


If you’re struggling with stress, don’t suffer alone. At EKCL our treatments are forward-thinking solutions, designed to put you and your preferences at the heart of everything we do. Stress is common. But it can become overwhelming and take hold of your life. Don’t let it get to this stage! With our micro-stimulation technology, we remove all feelings of stress. It’s simple, easy to understand and you’re guided through the process every step of the way. Call us today and get the stress and anxiety help you’ve always needed.


Causes of Stress:

Stress can be triggered by most things. Most often or not, however, it’s initiated by a reaction to mental or emotional pressures – moments when we feel like we are losing control. But sometimes there’s no reason at all. When we feel scared, apprehensive or worried, our bodies release stress hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline. 

 If you’re experiencing recurring stress, then it’s important to try and identify why this might be the case. The more we understand our causes, the more equipped we are to manage and deal with our stress. Here are a number of potential common causes: 

  •  Work: when someone mentions stress, we automatically think about the workload. It’s usually the most common cause of stress-related issues. Businesses put a lot of pressure on people, and consequently, employees put a lot of pressure on themselves. This also applies to people without a job. The search can be incredibly demoralising and you may feel like you’re in a race against time
Stress Treatment London


  • Family: relationships at home can put real pressure on a person’s emotions. If you’re having difficulties with your partner, or another family member, the stress can be too much to take. If you’re stressed at home, there’s also no escaping it. For those who have to care for someone else, it’s like carrying the weight and responsibility for two people
  • Financial Problems: issues with money can be incredibly stressful, especially for those who have to provide for their family. Bills start to pile up, and people are often forced to borrow money. It’s a vicious cycle and a major cause of many stress problems
  • Health: an illness to either you or a relative can put immense pressure on all involved. Bereavement is also a major contributing factor to a lot of stress-related cases


Stress can manifest itself in many different forms; physical, mental, and behavioural. But because stress is so common, it’s sometimes difficult to identify its symptoms. It can be difficult to recognise stress as the reason why you may be feeling differently on a particular day. Here are some common symptoms to look out for:


  • Muscle tension or pain 
  • Headaches and dizziness 
  • Chest pain or increased heart rate 
  • Stomach problems 
  • Sexual problems


  • Indecisiveness 
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Feeling overwhelmed 
  • Always worrying
  • Forgetting things


  • Being irritable and snappy 
  • Oversleeping or not sleeping enough
  • Overeating or not eating enough
  • Avoiding certain people or places
  • Drinking and/or smoking more than usual


If you notice yourself, or anyone you know, showing these symptoms, it may very well be stress. Consider stepping back and taking a break or slowing down. Here at EKCL, if you’re experiencing these feelings, do not hesitate to get in touch. Through professional consultation and innovative technology, we’re here to make coping with stress and anxiety a much easier process. Give us a call today!


Stress and Anxiety Help

There are different levels of stress, but many can be treated naturally. Our Reality2000 program is a completely natural procedure, void of side effects and scientifically approved. It’s incredibly effective in helping alleviate stress. That’s not to say that there aren’t a number of ways available to help cope with your stress levels. These are all beneficial and can be used effectively alongside EKCL treatment.


Exercise doesn’t make stress disappear completely. But it does allow you to take a break from whatever it is that’s making you stressed and refocus your mind. It’s a great way to release endorphins, which ultimately make us feel happier and more relaxed – a great way to combat stress.



If you’re surrounded by the right people, whether it be colleagues, friends or family, you’re more likely to be able to leave the troubles of work behind. When we’re alongside good people, we can switch off. Enjoyment, laughter and fun are all great ways to alleviate stress.


Make Time for Yourself

Self-care is a big trend in modern day society. Working hours in the UK are some of the longest in Europe; people overdo it with work and put themselves under immense pressure. It’s easy to let it overwhelm you and take control of your life. Scheduling in enough ‘me time’ is a great way to help reduce the effects of stress.


Challenge Yourself

When we set goals and targets, and when we complete them, it boosts our confidence. When we’re confident, we’re far more in control. Challenges also give us a great life structure; we know exactly what we need to do to achieve our goals. When we have structure, we naturally plan our workload much better. It’s a great way to promote the work-life balance.


Avoid Unhealthy Choices

When we’re stressed, it becomes much easier to adopt unhealthy habits. These are quick and easy fixes, that only delay the recurring stress. Things like alcohol, smoking and caffeine are all used to avoid the core problem. Yes, stress may disappear for a moment. But it will come back, more often than not, worse than before.


Why Choose EKCL?


Our treatment methods are designed so clients can use appliances in the comfort of their own home. That’s not to say that you're left alone during the process. We come to you and support you every step of the way. Stress and anxiety can be a lonely process, which is why we provide total support throughout your programme. We’ll offer advice and discuss the important next steps, both during and after treatment.


There are plenty of doubters when it comes to non-conventional medicine. But we are incredibly proud of our unique service and the lasting change we bring to people’s lives. We boast a list of glowing testimonials and an impressive 90% success rate, 6 months after eliminating people’s problems. We are scientifically approved and completely legitimate.


Flexibility is a big thing for all of our clients at EKCL. We understand that people are busy and budgets are increasingly tighter. To compensate, we are determined to provide treatment plans that work for you and your specific needs. Our Reality2000 services are tailored to suit you and stress-related issues. We offer a flexible monthly payment plan, which makes payment a much smoother process.


What sets EKCL apart from other types of treatment? Mobility. We deliver treatments to your door; we always make sure we do so confidentially at times that work for you. It’s stress and anxiety relief that people need – quick and easy, convenient and private. Start your stress-free journey today.

We aim to change thousands of lives for the better!

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